Where should I store my board?

Where should I store my board?

Skateboards and longboards are pretty resiliant and will last a long time - but you can make it last even better by keeping it in the right place.

Almost all skateboards are wood. Wood likes stable conditions without drastic changes in humidity or temperature.

As long as you pay attention to the following, you can store your board almost anywhere you like!

  • DO keep your board inside, or at least out of the rain and weather. Indoors in your house is better than in a shed or garage if possible.
  • DON'T keep your board near a radiator or other heat source. Skateboards that are heated and cooled all the time warp way faster.
  • DO avoid keeping your board in direct sunshine - be it outdoors or next to a window. Direct sunlight will heat your board up faster than you might think, and might fade the graphic too.
  • DON'T dry your board out on a radiator after you've got it wet! This is pretty much the fastest way to warp your board. Instead, follow our "wet skate maintenace" guide, and let it dry over a longer period of time.
  • DO lay your board flat, eiether upside down on the deck, along a rail or upright on its wheels, rather than stood up on the nose or tail. Boards stood on their ends can warp a little faster.

If you can, the best place to store your skateboard or longboard is on a wall rack like we do in our shop!

There's tons of ideas for swanky racks out there, get searching...