Bastl Bolero Rainbow Collection Deck 44.5″

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When the guitar starts to play you know that it’s time to dance the
Bolero! Take it out for a little swing and see what your dancing feet
can make it do.

The Bolero’s snappy pop and big kicks allow you to easlily ollie and do
other skate tricks. Thanks to the wheelflares in combination with the
wheelwells you can run loose trucks without having to worry about
wheelbites while getting your groove on and surfing the sidewalks.
2 degree wedged rocker | Wheelflairs | Wheelwells

Flex 2: < 65 kg | Flex 1: > 65 kg
Lenght: 113 cm | 44.5″
Width: 23 cm | 9″
Long wheelbase: 75,5 cm | 29.8″
Short wheelbase: 71,5 cm | 28.2″