Bastl Discofox Naturgeister Collection Longboard Deck 42"

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The longer brother of the Forró, the Discofox is the perfect all purpose board, good for dancing steps, freestyle tricks and comfortable runs down your favourite free-ride spot.

The Discofox features radial concave in combination with a micro-drop and wheel-flares. Its platform is long enough for you to make your steps on and the big kicks allow you to pop tricks. The firm flex of the Discofox lets you flow around while conquering new limits and spots.

Royal BS-Core
Our Royal BS-Core(s) stand unmatched in flex response, eco-friendly construction, preservation and more. Our recipe consisting of three layers vertically laminated bamboo, two layers of triax-basalt fibres, carbon stringers, NON-SCRATCHABLE full deck top and bottom graphic sealed in an ultra strong Epoxy resin. We’re blow away with our Royal BS-core and the feeling it delivers to our ride. Give it a chance to free your body and soul.