Bastl Kizomba Rainbow Collection Deck 35.4″

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Like the real Kizomba dance, which is a combination of different
dance styles, our Kizomba board is a combination of freestyle and
freeriding with a bit of dancing.

We enlarged the boards dance floor by adding a second wheelbase which
gives smaller riders a better free ride experience. This freestyle-beast
also features wheel-flares for more wheel-clearance. A smooth concave
in the kicks grants you more control for manuals and g-turns.

Grab the Kizomba, bomb the Kiez!

Lenght: 90 cm | 35.4″
Width: 23,5 cm | 9.25 ″
Long wheelbase: 49 cm | 19.3″
Short wheelbase: 45 cm | 17.9″