Bones Hardcore Barrel Bushings

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Designed for downhill and freeride, Bones Hardcore Barrel Bushings will fit in ALL longboard trucks that use standard height bushings such as Aera, Caliber, Paris, Randal, PNL, etc.

The design feature of the Bones longboard bushings is the built in insert. It increases the precision of your truck by by limiting side to side movement of the hanger, increasing rebound, stability, and steering.

The design will also mean you can use a softer bushing that you normally would. The softer bushing just backs more resistance, so you can feel a better flow on turns, edge into a sweeper by a control lean, or if you need immediate board control for a shut down, this bushing gives so you don’t loose control.

85A GREEN/RED (Softest) – for 45kg – 90kg – carving / cruising / freeride / DH

88A WHITE/RED (Mid range) – for 63kg – 100kg – cruising, freeride or DH

90A RED/RED (Upper mid range) – for 73kg – 109kg – heavier riders, or DH / freeride

93A BLACK/RED (Hardest) – for 82kg – 139kg – heavy riders, extra stability or DH / Freeride


-Patented bonded-insert technology
-More precise steering
-Quicker response
-No break-in period
-More stability
-Designed, tested and created by some of the best longboarders in the world