Carver Triton 30.5" Tidal Surfskate Complete

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Carver Surfskate is the pioneer and original surf skate brand with 20 years of experience. Stability and extreme carving combined. Ride the best, ride Carver.

Triton is born of the sea, but rides atop the land. It carves with the same power, speed and flow of the fabled finned watercraft that inspired it. Everything about it is pure surf, from the directional templates and iconic graphics to the quick turning geometry and easy rail-to-rail pump.

Triton’s high performance comes from it’s precision-pivot Carver trucks, fast and grippy Roundhouse wheels and 7 ply hard rock maple Triton deck, each the result of over 20 years of surfskate innovation and experience. Made for the world market, it comes with the commitment to good design and durability that makes Triton the true surfskate of the people so wherever you are, you can MAKE WAVES.

The Triton TIDAL 30.5" is new for 2022.

The new Triton TIDAL 30.5" is a new addition to the Triton range of boards, which are available in CX and are more affordable than the classic models. The TIDAL 30.5" is differentiated by its wide, rounded nose that provides more surface area for the foot. The shape of this Triton model is reminiscent of the boards of the 80s. Mounted in CX, the TIDAL 30.5" is a maneuverable and agile skateboard, performing as well on the flat as on a pumptrack, bowl or skate park.

Carver CX trucks:

Street and pool boards use smaller wheels, and flip tricks benefit from a tighter center of gravity, so these little rockers are lower and lighter, just like they need to be. But unlike most little trucks, which tend to be stiff and unresponsive, our custom geometry gives you just the right amount of carve for a well-rounded riding experience

  • Length: 30.5"
  • Width: 9.75"
  • Wheelbase: 16.5
  • Truck option: CX
  • Truck colour: Raw
  • Bearings : Integrated
  • Wheels: 68MM Roundhouse 78A
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • 7-ply Canadian maple deck