EMFISS Cross Tool

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EMFISS EMFISS Cross Tool is a durable multi-function maintenance skateboard tool. It has a carabiner, bottle opener and a built-in file.

Whether your board's screw is rattling in the middle of a session, or your new friend's trucks are on way too tight - or worse, too loose and about to fall off - having a skate tool ready can make or break a good time.  The carabiner keeps it accessible on your bag, the bottle opener is handy when cracking a cold one, and the file keeps the day running smoothly when changing up grip tape.  Our skate tool is the perfect marriage of on-the-go durability and practicality with eye-catching multi-functionality.

1. The carabiner easily hooks onto your backpack, belt loop or anywhere.

2. The 9/16" socket head adjusts the kingpin's lock nut over the bushings.

3. The 1/2" socket head adjusts your axle lock nut over the wheels.

4. The 3/8" socket head mounts the truck baseplate to the deck with both standard and oversized mounting hardware.

5. The integrated file allows your to file down your grip tape at any time.

6. The bottle opener can open a cold bottled beverage for you or a friend.

7. The magnetized Philip head screwdriver and hex head are necessary while mounting the trucks.

As product designers and an outdoor enthusiasts, sustainable development and eco-design is already engrained into our design philosophy.  We are always thinking about how to reduce product packaging, because packaging is usually the first thing a customer throws away. 

After few rounds of brain storming we nailed it down to one idea: Make the packaging a drink coaster.  It's not fancy but it's earth friendly and reusable, and it looks cool too!