Free Wheels Dumbs 65mm 78a

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The Free Dumb is one of the wheels that has made us Famous. The Free Dumb is the wheel that you ride when you want to have the optimum level of control without having to put in much effort. The GOLD STANDARD Formula is perfect for providing the feedback necessary to shlub, slarve, and shloop slides with supreme style while exerting minimum effort. This is a fan favorite, a team favorite, and a hater favorite because the wide shape compared to its size allows the wheel to have enough traction to not immediately ice out at higher speeds. This wheel also fits on double kicks and freestyle boards, but the truest gangsters ride this on full size freeride boards just to watch them die under their feet.

Height - 65mm
Width - 44mm
Durometer - 78a
Formula - Gold Standard
Bearing Seat - Centerset
Contact Patch - Stoneground

Grip - 3/10
Kick Out Resistance - 3/10
Speed Killing - 3/10
Hook Up Feel - 3/10