Landyachtz Dinghy Shape 9 Chartreuse Deck

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A modified Dinghy shape that has quietly become a team favourite, this cruiser offers a fresh new look and a unique ride. A slightly extended nose and a squared-off tail add versatility and function as well as looking awesome.

A slight variation on the Dinghy shape that we've come to refer to as Shape 9", this board is 28.5" long and 8.5" wide. The most noticeable features are the distinctively squared off nose and extra-wide tail. This shape performs similarly to the classic Dinghy but the unique shape is sure to draw its share of attention. The BK is pressed with 7 plies of Canadian maple for a light, stiff and poppy ride. 

Deck only. Photo may show complete board.

Length: 28.5"
Width: 8.5"
Wheelbase: 15"

Artist: Priscilla Moreno