Landyachtz Raft Messenger 9.9" Complete

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The Raft is inspired by the surfy, functional boards from the early 90’s. This shape is wide and features modern concave, along with a full-size nose and tail. It takes our proven cruiser setups from the Dinghy and Tugboat and puts them into a fun to cruise and perfect for all city skating package. Ideal as a first cruiser, and a favorite among people with a traditional skate background. The Raft will likely the number one board in your quiver.

At 32.5” long and a maximum width of 9.9”, this maverick is more like a white-water raft than a dinghy. Featuring artwork by Jordy Garcia Paredes that highlights a blue dyed veneer, every deck has a one-of-a-kind look. The Raft has a subtle taper and big width, matched with a nice, mellow, tub concave to give you lots of foot space and provide added confidence and comfort. The setup is 130mm Polar Bear traditional kingpin trucks and 63mm Fatty Hawgs. Combined with half inch risers for phenomenal wheel clearance, this board adds confidence and flow to your riding style and is secretly a mega carver disguised as an old-school street skate. Cruising has never been livelier than with this beast.

Length: 32.5
Width: 9.9
Wheelbase: 15

100% Canadian Maple