LBL Shock Pads 1/8" (3mm)

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Shock pads are rectangular-shaped pieces of rubber that are placed between the trucks and deck of a skateboard. Shock pads aren’t necessarily a crucial component, but they can be quite helpful in solving some common problems. Here you can learn the benefits of shock and riser pads. Shock pads are made of polyurethane, a type of plastic. There are available in both hard and soft, more flexible designs. Normally, shock pads are 1/8″ (about 3.2mm) tall. Any shock pad 1/4 “(about 6.4mm) tall or higher is referred to as a riser pad. In principle, shock pads have multiple functions. Firstly, they dampen vibrations during skating, and secondly they protect the deck from shock. Furthermore, they increase the distance between the wheels and the deck, which helps to prevent wheel bites.