LUCA Longboard Ballar 48" Deck

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Dance! Ballar is back! Symmetric shape, 360 urethane walls, light, reactive flex and so much more! Your new crush is here and it’s time to ask her for a dance!

Length: 121.5cm / 48"
Width: 24cm / 9.44"
Wheelbase: 77cm - 83cm / 30.31" - 32.67"
Made in Poland

Luca Longboards was established in 2013 by Lukasz Grzywacz to combine his passion for industrial design and longboarding. Where previously much of his work existed in the digital realm, at Luca his designs and ideas are manifest into longboards.

Lukasz is an interior designer by trade and his skill is reflected in the style of each board. This years graphics have been updated with simple, timeless designs that focus on the construction beneath. Their decks have always had a unique and appealing aesthetic and this year is no exception.

Their strengths extend beyond design and into manufacturing as well. Each of their boards are made with composite materials, pressed at high temperatures and CNC machined for precision. As a result, Luca can combine aggressive concave, rocker and kick combinations without fear of warping, de-lamination or adhesion issues.