Orangatang Nipples Bushings

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Designed to provide a lively and energetic ride, Nipples will revitalize any setup for carving, pumping, dancing, freestyle and freeride.


Nipples are poured in our extremely high rebound Randy Urethane formula. We stumbled on this urethane a few years ago while testing ultra high rebound formulas for wheels, but we found this urethane to actually be too high rebound for a wheel urethane. Perfect for a bushing.

Specs & Features

Outer diameter: 1 inch

Height (top/roadside): 0.56 inch

Height (bottom/boardside): 0.66 inch

The bottom bushing carries most of the rider’s weight, so it is compressed more than the top bushing.  The top bushing engages mostly when the rider leans in one direction to turn. To account for this difference in loading, we made the bottom bushing slightly taller than the top. Both top and bottom barrels are beveled on one edge for a better fit with large cupped washers (such as the stock parts on Paris and Tracker Racetrack trucks). However, we recommend flat washers in general (see below).

The first round of Nipples are packaged in sets of four bushings (two bottom barrels and two top barrels) and include four flat washers. Each set of four will be sold for $16 (retail).



The first release of Nipples will feature three hardness ratings: soft, medium, and hard. These are roughly equivalent to ratings of 85a, 87a, and 89a on the Shore A durometer scale. The reason we’ve chosen to use a relative hardness scale for our bushings is that Nipples feel and respond differently than many equivalently rated bushings, due to their dimensions. The Nipples feature a slightly larger-than-average diameter that is intended to provide more leverage against the hanger and more meaty volume to compress in every turn. Combined with a double barrel configuration, this allows for a predictable initiation and very consistent resistance throughout the hanger’s travel, even in softer durometers.

Recommended weight ranges for lower speed (under 20 mph) riding are below. For faster riding, we recommend going harder.

Soft (orange): 80-180 lbs / 35-85 kg

Medium (purple): 160-230 lbs / 70-105 kg

Hard (yellow): 200-270 lbs / 90-125 kg


We tested many washer configurations while developing our bushings and ultimately found that flat washers on both sides provided the response we were looking for. We found, however, that most commercial flat washers we tested were lacking in one performance area or another. Some were made of soft materials that bent over time, and most did not have the kind of consistency in thickness from one washer to the next that we wanted (thicker washers not only modify the angle at which the hanger sits but also tend to result in excess compression and a deadened feeling). So we decided to develop our own flat washers.

Our washers feature a 1-inch outer diameter and are 0.055 inch thick. They are made of strong, medium-carbon steel that resists bending. The manufacturing tolerances are very tight, so dimensions are consistent between parts. The wide diameter and low thickness help support the entire bushing without degrading their performance or interfering with the truck’s geometry.

While the Nipples are packaged with our own flat washers, there are many other washer setups that can change the riding experience. For instance, large cupped washers can be used for a slightly more restrictive feel, while a flipped small cup washer on the top bushing will provide a slightly “looser” turning response.


Nipple bushings fit Paris, Tracker Fastrack, Gullwing Charger II, and old (pre-2010) Bear trucks. They are not compatible with new Bears, Gullwing Chargers, or Indys. Nipples work with Randal trucks, but they do not sit completely contained in the bushing seat. Since the Randal bushing seat is so low, however, it does not interfere with the performance of the bushings. They fit Caliber trucks, but the lean becomes very restricted past a certain point.

Many of our ambassadors have also run Nipples in various precision trucks (e.g. Aera and Omen) with good results.

This compatibility list is based on the trucks we use most. Nipples will fit in any truck that can accommodate a 1-inch diameter bushing with a height of 0.66 (bottom) and 0.56 (top) inch.