Prism Tropicalia Sled Freeride LDP Longboard

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The Prism Sled is the first in our lineup of the new Tropicalia series and our first double drop to release. This is our take on a modern multi-use board that is just at home cruising around and pushing long distances, as it is bombing hills with your homies.

Made from 7-ply Canadian maple pressed up with epoxy, sandwiched between top and bottom triaxial fibreglass, and finally, dyed with black epoxy giving you an amazing finish that makes our Tropicalia series graphics pop. The glass and epoxy shine through in the sun, so get those boards out there and soak up some rays!

Available in 34" and 35” versions.

34" x 8.98" - has a slight taper, for narrow pushers. 

35" x 9.37"-  wider and has extra mounting options

For optimal performance, we suggest setting up the board with Caliber 3 9” Raked Trucks in a split 50/44 configuration, coupled with either 90mm Boa Hatchlings or 86mm McFly wheels from 88 Wheel Co. This combination promises stability and ease in manoeuvring, perfect for cruising through the city and making those beer runs more adventurous.

For enthusiasts seeking a more dynamic freeride experience, try outfitting the Prism Sled with the latest Caliber 3 125mm Precision trucks and our 65 or 70mm Bangers. This setup delivers a low-riding, swift, and enjoyable ride.

35″ Sled Specifications

Length: 35″ / 889mm
Width: 9.37″ / 238mm
Construction: 7-ply Canadian Maple + 2 Triaxial Fiberglass
Weight: 4.41lb / 2.0kg
Good for riders up to 250lb / 110kg

Designed for RKP Trucks. Using a TKP truck is not recommeded as it will cause excessive flex on the neck of the deck.