Rocket Longboards Surf Scout Long Deck 30.5″

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You asked us for it and we deliver: The new Surf Scout 30.5″ has the same features you loved about the 29″ version. But it’s longer and above all has longer wheelbase options. Varying from 16″-19″ fits larger riders and for different truck systems. In addition to the new school holes for surfskate trucks, we also gave the board two old school options to use it comfortably as a cruiser with reverse kingpin trucks.

And to answer a question that has been asked frequently. The cork surface is pressed in with epoxy resin during production. Since it absorbs some resin in the process, it is extremely durable and does not crumble.

Additional Information


30.5’’ / 77.4 cm


9.25” / 23.5 cm


New school 16’’ – 19’’ / 40.6 – 48.2 cm
Old school 16’’ – 17’’ / 40.6 – 43.2 cm


0.47″ / 12 mm


SFI-certified bamboo, Natural flax fiber, Cork, Embossed ABS topsheet