Rocket Rooster David Bubier Pro Deck 39.1"

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We may be known for our short, narrow race decks but also for pushing the limits everywhere. That’s why we go completely against the hype train and bring you the latest generation of freeride boards. David is an exceptional freerider and deserves to get a pro model. He was a major influence in the creation of this board and it was worth it. American freeride perfection meets Swiss board construction precision.

The Rooster has a symmetrical standing platform with 0.25” micro drops. A new elliptical concave combines the advantages of a radial and a tub concave and ensures a comfortable foot placement.

Another innovation in the freeride area is the comfortail. A full size kick tail with a convex area just after the kink. This provides more comfort and grip on slides over the tail and blunt slides.

What is certainly very noticeable with this board is the weight. Thanks to a new hybrid construction with maple and a hollow bamboo core combined with carbon fibers, the Rooster weighs noticeably less than comparable boards of this size. Of course, it is still speed stiff and durable. Just as you are used to from our boards.

Additional Information


39.1’’ / 99.5 cm


9.7’’ / 24.6 cm


25’’ – 27’’ / 63.2 – 68.6 cm


0.47’’ / 12 mm


4.6 lbs / 2.1 kg


SFI-certified Canadian maple, SFI-certified bamboo, Carbon fiber, Glass fiber, Embossed ABS topsheet