Santa Cruz Dressen Eyes Everslick Deck 9.31"

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New old school skateboard pool style deck from Santa Cruz skateboards. We're stoked on this reissue. It is the old OG graphics from the late 80s/early 90s iconic "Everslick" decks but on a slightly more modern pool shape - bigger nose and not as wide.

This one is custom shape pro model from long time SC ripper Eric Dressen. You can set it up as a radical park/pool ripper or put soft wheels and make it a super fun cruiser/transport board.

The concave is medium/deep with a double kick profile and a long semi pointed nose. A classic modern pool shape.

Everslick : polymer base layer for longer board slides and longer lasting graphics plus a stronger board all round. "Eyes" Eric Dressen Pro model "EVERSLICK" Construction 9.31" x 31.94" 14.25" Wheel Base 100% Canadian Hard Rock Maple 7 ply Maple plus "Everslick" base layer 9.3" x 31.94" 7.0" nose 7.0" tail 14.25" WB (measured from inner to inner holes) Concave : Medium / Deep Profile : Double Kick New hole pattern truck drillings Width over front truck : 9.25" Width over rear truck : 8.75"