Thunder Trucks Hollow Lights Polished 149 Hi

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ThunderGotta love the look of a clean silver truck. No Frills just all skill. The Thunder Polished Lights High 147 Trucks are fantastic for those small set ups. They are the perfect trucks for 7.9”-8.2” decks. These trucks are high for great leverage and wheel clearance. They look super clean and perform even better. Thunder is the leader in control, and is light on weight while being big on strength!

Thunder trucks are crazy strong and are guaranteed for life! They are easily some of the best skate trucks on the market, if you haven’t ridden Thunder yet you don’t know how brilliantly they handle. Find out for yourself!

Thunder has for sure set new standards when it comes to truck technology. They are amazing when it comes to being a light yet highly durable truck. Highly responsive and smooth grinding, Thunder is the leader in control. These trucks are absolutely fantastic for smaller set ups as they fit nicely and are light for the little guys.

The O.G. Thunder Trucks, 100% backed by the Thunder Team. Proven lightning quick response, lightweight design & unmatched levels of control and strength. Guaranteed for Life.

  • High level performance, control & durability
  • Quick response
  • Aircraft Grade Kingpins 
  • High height for wheel clearance
  • High impact and grind durability
  • 147mm 
  • Perfect for small set ups
  • Super strong and light
  • Set of 2