Triple 8 Helmet Brainsaver Black

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Classic skateboard and longboard helmet, protecting skaters for 18 years and counting. With its timeless design, killer color range and our unique rubber finish, the Sweatsaver Helmet is a staple of our helmet collection. And with our stink-free, moisture-wicking Sweatsaver™ Liner inside, it’s a helmet you’ll use for years to come. We also sell replaceable Sweatsaver™ replacement liners in various colors so you don't need to buy an entire new helmet years down the road. Just pop in a fresh new liner.

This helmet is a Multi-impact design and features an ABS Outer Shell with the  renowned Sweatsaver™ Liner for comfort. It's the most comfortable helmet on the market.

Rough size guide. We often find skaters can fit 2 sizes for example a Medium and a Large. We recommend going for the tighter fit or whatever feels the most comfortable.

XS 20.10 – 20.50 in (51 – 52 cm)

S 20.60 – 21.30 in (52 – 54 cm)

M 21.40 – 22.00 in (54 – 56 cm)

L 22.10 in – 22.90 in (56-58cm)

XL 23.00 – 24.00 in (58 – 61 cm)

This product is NOT intended for use as a bicycle helmet. It is not certified or tested under ASTM, CPSC, ANSI, or CE safety standards This product is NOT designed to provide protection for use on any motorized vehicle.