Venom Torque Block Foam Wedge Piece

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  • The Torque Block from Venom is designed to give downhill longboard riders more leverage on their board as well as limiting back foot movement during drift, tuck and cornering tricks.
  • The Venom Torque Block when properly installed keeps your back foot at an angle to better aid riders in maintaining control of their board.
  • Installation of the Torque block requires riders to get in to a tuck on their board to properly determine where your preferred back foot position is. After marking this location, the Torque Block must be added using an adhesive (not supplied). It will be necessary to grip the top of the Torque Block also (grip tape not supplied).
  • The Venom Torque Block pack contains two pieces. Large Piece: 11″ x 4.5″ x 1″