WhiteTail Skateboards WhaleShark Deck 34”

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The Whaleshark from WhiteTail Skateboards  has been engineered to perfectly blend the stylish flowing capabilities of a surfskate with all the shredding possibilities of a classic skateboard - offering the infinite freedom of surfing the land without any tradeoffs. Works perfectly with Carver CX and C7 surf skate trucks. Fits YOW surfskate trucks also!

∞ Wide deck of 9.75” by 34”

∞ New 17" wheelbase (from the center of inner bolts holes) to accommodate most surfskate trucks

∞ Functional rocker nose & tail

∞ Deep pocket that locks both feet

∞ Deep concave to pump and carve effortlessly

MADE with LOVE in CANADA from 100% Canadian Hard Rock Maple - Locally Made & Locally Sourced ♻️