Zenit AB Maze 2.0 (Long Distance Push)

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Find your way with the Maze!

The Maze is a casual and compact version of the AB 2.0. Pressed in the same mold, it features everything you need for an enjoyable long-distance push.


Length 33.25” 

width 8.25” 

wheelbase 27.5”

The double drop brings the deck's standing platform close to the ground. This year, the slightly stiffer construction has been designed to provide maximum pumping potential while avoiding bottoming out. Its abrupt cut-outs and absence of kicktails noticeably reduce its weight to make this long distance pusher as portable as any other cruiser out there. The very same cut-outs are now home to newly designed wheel wells so you can fearlessly ride those big wheels you've been dying to go fast on!

Stiffness: 7 / 10

Push : 10 / 10

Cruise : 9 / 10

Weight : 3.34 lbs

What's inside the board?

Bio sourced Greenpoxy laminates two sheets of pre-tensioned, pre-cured triaxial fibreglass to four plies of Hard Rock Canadian Maple and one central Poplar ply. Put together, you have a water resistant distance board,

It goes without mentioning that the fibreglass eternally protects the graphic from rocks, curbs, and worst of all, speed bumps. That’s right, the graphic’s there forever!