Zenit Marble 40"

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The Ultimate Quiver Killer

Designed for freestyle addicts, the Marble 40 V3 has been reimagined. While it maintains its freeride and downhill prowess, an evened-out mold tones down the board’s curves to make the micro drops and the radial concave more progressive. Plus, slightly mellower kicktails that are closer to the ground make for a more effortless pop. Freeriders fear not! While fliptricks are now remarkably easier, the wheel flares remain pronounced, so you still have considerable traction and leverage for your stand-up slides.

Having added an extra two inches of wheelbase options, this deck is super snappy and responsive at its narrowest, but real surfy at its widest.

Dancing : 8 / 10

Freestyle : 10 / 10

Freeride : 10 / 10

Downhill : 9 / 10