Zenit Mini Rocket Deck 33"

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Gotta blast!

Speed down the street and streak it with urethane like a comet shooting across the night sky. The Mini Rocket is a smaller version of the Rocket V4 with some new, intense wheel wells, and the same deep concave that grants as much thrust and control as you need when you turn on those afterburners.

An aggressive and compactly engineered shape means you won’t have to float your feet around on the 8.7” board to set up for a toe side or a heel side slide because they’ll already be where you want them to be. Secured by a comfortable rocker and salient wheel flares, the Mini Rocket will help you handle whatever g-force you get up to, whether you have your hands up or down. Plus, with all the extra room for big wheels, you’ll be tearing down the street as fast as a spaceship on re-entry. Are you ready for the ride of a lifetime?

Freeride : 10 / 10

Downhill : 10 / 10

Weight : 4.1 lbs

Stiffness : 9 / 10

What's in the board?

A cosmic craft precisely engineered for high-speed navigation. Six plies of Hard Rock Canadian Maple are laminated by a bio sourced Greenpoxy resin between two sheets of ultra resistant pre-tensioned triaxial fibreglass. Further reinforced by both a strip and a cross of unidirectional fibreglass, this craft is entirely torsion resistant.