Zenit Tero Birdseye Maple Deck 42" (Limited Edition)

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Dancing / Freestyle Longboard

What is the Birdseye Limited Collection?

A limited amount of each of our most renowned boards have been decorated with a Birdseye Maple veneer just under the graphic. Each veneer has been carefully observed by all of us here at Zenit to assure that only the most outstanding pieces show up at the bottom of your deck.

What is Birdseye Maple?

Birdseye is the name given to a growth anomaly occurring in hard maple. These little eye-looking knots are most likely formed from the tree’s attempt to create new buds in its grain in order to absorb more sunlight. Due to many debatable factors, the tree must halt the procedure and resume its normal growth. While Birdseye Maple is not its own species, its distribution is almost EXCLUSIVE to Northeastern North American hard maple.

Why the hype for Birdseye?

A rarity found in automobile trim, jewellery boxes, guitars, and custom rifle stocks to name a few of its uses, it’s not an easy feat to find Birdseye Maple. No one knows exactly why Birdseye Maple comes about, but all the real ones know that it’s synonymous with Luxury. Land your feet on one of the 10 Tango made before this limited collection flies off the shelves!

Reach the skies with the new Tero!

Keeping with the same style as our other dancers, it features radial concave, rocker, progressive 0.38″ micro-drops, cutout shape, functional kicktails, and our brand new Zen-ply.

The narrower width and smaller wheelbase of the Tero will make it ideal for those that want a more aggressive dancer, or those that are looking for a smaller board overall. 

Cruise : 7 / 10

Freestyle : 10 / 10

Dancing : 9 / 10

Weight : 4.5 lbs

Stiffness : 6 / 10


What's inside the board?

The lightweight maple/carbon/fiberglass construction and our brand new Zen-ply add up to make the board light, maneuverable and solid. Our new Zen-ply is made out of specially cured polymers.

Not only does it bond wonderfully with our tinted fiberglass but it also dampens vibrations while protecting the graphic from getting scratched off.


Pop + Control + Durablility

A wide unidirectional carbon fiber stringer is laminated on the bottom to enhance control, pop, and stiffness. This allows us to make boards that have nice damp characteristics while still keeping it crisp, snappy and durable.