Zenit AB 2.0 34"

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The AB 2.0 is the ultimate tool for commuting: lightweight and compact, with a low platform for easy pushing. It has an improved concave, the 1” drop is now more progressive for a comfier standing platform.

The deck tapers from 9.5” to 9.1” to allow easier maneuverability in tight spaces.

With a 28.5” wheelbase, this board will be stable at speed, while still being nimble enough for dodging traffic and pedestrians.


Stiffness : 6 / 10

Cruise : 10 / 10

Push : 10 / 10

Weight : 3.5 lbs


What's inside the board?

Featuring fiberglass reinforcements in the high stress areas, the AB 2.0 has a consistent flex throughout that won’t get soggy overtime.

With carbon fiber on the bottom, 2 full triaxial fiberglass sheets + a 5 plys maple core, bonded with high-strength epoxy, this deck can withstand all kinds of abuse: from harsh winter roads to wet bike paths.

To tie it all together, we added a nice strip of Black Limba veneer.


Durability + Flex

Compared to the first version, the AB 2.0 has a very unique construction and is a lot more durable while keeping the flexibility we liked about it.