Zenit Marble Deck 35"

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Freeride / Downhill Longboard


Designed for pros and everyday shredders!

Designed for ease of transport, the Marble 35 is everything you know and love about the Marble 38 but in a smaller package. It features a micro dropped platform, wheel flares, a fully functional kicktail, machined wheel wells, wheelbase options and flush mounts.


We designed this board to be a quiver killer, small enough to replace you long overdue cruiser, but still big enough to become your most beloved downhill board. Set it up at a longer wheelbase and you have small top mount ready to go down the gnarliest mountain passes, or set it at its smallest wheelbase to have a more freeride/cruiser vibe setup.


Freestyle : 6 / 10

Freeride : 10 / 10

Downhill : 9 / 10

Weight : 4.13 lbs

Stiffness : 9 / 10



What's inside the board?

The Marble series all share our tried and true 6-ply Canadian maple construction with triaxial fiberglass top and bottom, now featuring a wide unidirectional carbon fiber stringer on the bottom. The carbon stringer will provide a stiffer board without the added weight, with longer lasting pop.This makes for a long lasting construction that is suited for a wide range of riding styles.


Pop + Control + Durablility

A wide unidirectional carbon fiber stringer is laminated on the bottom to enhance control, pop, and stiffness. This allows us to make boards that have nice damp characteristics while still keeping it crisp, snappy and durable.