Why a pro board?

Why a pro board?

Let’s get something out of the way real quick, there is no such thing as a “Beginner”, “Intermediate” or “Pro” board. In most situations, when you purchase boards labelled as “beginner”, they might not be the best in quality, this applies to skateboards & longboards alike.

Prices of boards reflect their quality in most parts. Here at Longboard Love, we carry only the best brands which are recognized, tried and tested.

Look at Rodney Mullen, the Godfather of skateboarding, he’s happy, probably because he has a proper skateboard. (This is a joke, Rodney is always happy… I think)


What makes a board good or bad?

A skateboard/longboard consists of a few parts.


1. Deck

Depicted here is a standard 8.0” Santa Cruz Deck (8.0” represents the width of the board)


Depicted here is a 46” Landyachtz Stratus, perfect board for dancing (46” represents the length of the board)


2. Griptape

Sticky on the bottom, grippy on the top, this is meant to be on the top of your board to provide grip.


3. Hardware

Hardware/bolts keep everything together.


4. Wheels

Depicted here are standard street skateboarding wheels from Spitfire, small & hard to make technical tricks easier.


Depicted here are standard longboard/cruiser wheels from Hawgs wheels, softer and larger to provide a smoother ride, best for travelling and speed, also good for sliding with the right speed and skill, these wheels can also accommodate tricks, albeit a little grippier.


 5. Bearings

Depicted here are some of the absolute best bearings money can buy, these are put in your wheels to make em spin!


 6. Trucks 

Depicted here are some TKP(traditional kingpin) trucks from Independent, suited best for skateboarding.


Depicted here are some RKP(reversed kingpin) trucks from Bear, suited best for longboarding.


7. Optional Shock pad/Riser pad

(which is recommended anyway depending on the setup).

Depicted here are some shock pads and riser pads, they go in between your board and the trucks to add height between your wheels and the board to prevent wheelbite (when your wheels turn so much that they hit the board) and to cushion some of the impact when skating.


These parts are all made by companies which are specialized in making whatever they make, they were made with the intention to be the best that they could be, in most cases of skater-owned brands, they gather feedback from customers as well as professional riders and improve on whatever they can to provide the best experience possible. Think of it like getting a tattoo, it’d be on you forever, so you’d definitely want to go to someone who knows what they’re doing. It’s kind of like coming to the skate shop, we know our stuff and you should trust us more than some article on opinions and with less backing. All our staff have more than sufficient knowledge and experience, we’ve been skating for years and we can definitely walk you through the process of getting your first board!

There’s a lot more information on specific parts such as details of what durometer wheel or bushing you should get, which bearing is best for you, which deck size, which style of deck and so much more! We welcome your questions anytime, drop by the store and we can give you an in depth view on everything you need to know about getting that perfect set up!


This is Jonathan (@jondeanonn on instagram), he’s been skating for over a decade and is just one of the few amazing staff members we have on our team, ready to get you rolling!


So what should I get and how do I start?

This portion purely relies on you and what your goals are when you step on a board, picture yourself in a month or two, maybe even in six months. Do you see yourself cruising through the streets, doing dancing/freestyle tricks, going dangerously fast downhill and busting out sweet powerslides or something else?
There’s definitely a little bit of everything for everyone, so what are you waiting for?Drop by our store and take a look at all the wonderful boards we have in store, waiting for a new home!