Landyachtz Dinghy Emboss Cruiser Skateboard

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My life changed the day I bought a Dinghy. I traded in taking the bus for fresh air and a cool breeze. I started exploring Singapore in a brand new way, no longer enduring a crowded bus filled with people glued to their phones. Getting around used to be a chore, now everything is an adventure. My friends started doing the same thing and now we smile every time we skate past the bus. Life is better on a Dinghy." 

You can never go wrong with black on black, especially when combined with a sweet embossed graphic for extra style points. The classic Dinghy shape has been a staple of our line-up for many years now and is still the first board we grab for a quick rip to the store or around the neighbourhood.

28.5" Length I 8" Width I 14.6" Wheelbase

100% Canadian Maple

Embossed Graphic