LUCA Orion Longboard Deck 33.8”

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The Orion is a modern directional freeride and downhill board. The concave combined with the micro drops will keep your feet in place and give you reference points on the standing platform during fast transitions. If it somehow does slip away below your feet, you won’t have to worry, because the 360° polyurethane sidewalls will keep your board safe from chipping or cracking if it hits a curb. The Orion is meant to be an all-rounder, so take it for a spin around your local freeride spots or charge down a fast downhill-run with it.

Graphic design: Ada Zielińska

Length: 86cm
Width: 25 cm
Wheelbase: 60cm – 65.7cm
Concave: 1.2 cm
Flex: Stiff

Made in Poland