Pig 1/8" Soft Riser Shock Pads

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  • Raise your board up a 1/8 inch and cushion the impact with these soft riser pads.
  • We highly recommend riser/shock pads on every set up.

1. They reduce shocks, absorb vibrations and impact for a more comfortable ride.

2. They prevent stress cracks from forming and increase the lifespan of your deck, especially if your jumping down lots of stairs and putting lots of stress on your board.

3. They increase the height of you setup by a few mm which helps prevent wheel bite.

4. The increased height can lead to higher ollies and more POP for your tricks.


"Shock pads reduce the vibration of your overall skateboard experience. They also give a little lift that isn't as extreme as a full riser pad. Can be used with regular riser pads or without"