Quin Slideberry 37" Green

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  • Lenght: 94 cm (37") 
  • Width: 24,5 cm (9.6") 
  • Wheelbase: 48 - 50 cm (18.9 - 19.7") 
  • Construction: rocker, concave, drop, wheel-flares, symmetrical
  • Layup: Ash, Maple, Fiberglas


Freestyle and Freeride for Newbies and Pros alike

The quinboards Slideberry is an ultimate bundle of fun for everyone heading out in the realms of Freeride, Freestyle and Techslide. This longboard was designed by riders for riders and leaves nothing to be desired. 

The distinct concave makes the board stable and ensures a secure footing. On top you get perfectly placed wheelflares for an ultimate logged-in feeling and enough clearance for the wheels. It doesn?t matter whether you?re in a downhill tuck or a casual freeride position, you?ll always feel like you?re standing in the right place and that the shape of the deck supports you. For the 2016 update the Slideberry was reinforced with sycamore  increasing the durability of the edges and tails.Freestyle and classical street aficionados will be happy to hear that the Slideberry has massive and thought-out kicktails.

These take the pop at a max and let you and the deck soar without any problems. You?ll learn Ollies, Kickflips and Pop shove its in the blink of an eye making the Slideberry the perfect companion for urban terrain with curbs and tram lines.The wheelbase options can be adjusted according to your taste and depending on the chosen distance allow for absolute running smoothness even when going at high speed. The short wheelbase on the other hand makes the Slideberry the perfect option for the city as it gives the board an enormous mobility.If you can?t choose between urban areas and the hills and you don?t want to pass on street tricks, you shouldn?t miss out on this board. THE allrounder has a name: quinboards Slideberry.