Rayne Anthem Deck 36"

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The Anthem our fastest charging carving longboard. We’ve combined a surf shape with a stiffer rockered platform and kicktail to get you around the city, down the hills and across the boardwalks with confidence and ease.

The Anthem has all of the hallmarks of our premium downhill boards – rocker, micro drops & fatbottom construction, but we’ve used our KISS construction for a more economical alternative. If you’re cruising the city and thinking about downhill, the Anthem is an awesome longboard to get started on!

Longboard Specifications:

Length            – 36″
Width             – 9.25″
Wheelbase    – 24″

Longboard Construction:

Vertically Laminated Bamboo Core  with Fatbottom!– Stronger than steel, light like a feather. Unlike maple, Vertically laminated bamboo will never warp! Our Fatbottom core saves 15% in deck weight while providing MASSIVE wheel clearance. This deck is thick in the center and thin at the edges.
KISS Construction – We kept the construction simple and used maple instead of fiberglass to provide a high level of torsional stiffness at better price-point
Sublimated Artwork – Scratch resistant ink is tattooed into the deck.
Bee Orange Finish – Enhances and tones the natural wood grain while protecting with an excellent wax barrier that repels water. The citrus-based polish is completely free of harmful chemicals and is an environmentally sustainable product.