Series Longboard Deck OG Black 44.5"

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Series is the latest longboard brand out of South Korea.
It is the brainchild of Jong Bin Jo, A.K.A Boardshop owner, one of South Korea's top longboarders and winner of the world longboarding championships So You Can Longboard Dance 2019.
After being sponsored by Loaded boards for a number of years he took it upon himself to design his own board.

It features an aggressive concave designed for today's advanced freestyle skaters. Gone are the days of steps and fancy footwork. Today the modern longboarder performs tricks more akin to skateboarding. Varial kickflips, bigspins, bigger flips are the new norm and this board is designed to take this progression in mind.
A slightly shorter wheelbase helps the board feel lighter and easier to pop. Lightweight bamboo x maple construction. Slight W concave helps with board feel. There are no CNC wheel wells to ensure maximum durability. One hell of a laser cut griptape design!
Length: 44.5"
Wheel Base 26.25"
Slight W with aggressive concave
Griptape: Laser Cut
Construction: Bamboo & Maple
Multiple Wheelbase Options

"The series boards..
if you want to be the best freestyle, choose us,
the series features a little W concave and deep side walls!
W concave give me a better grip and tells me where I need to
be. And a deep side wall allow you flip the board easier.
The series boards have long kicks to provides a good pop feeling.

Suggested set-up:
50 degrees 180 Paris trucks and 60mm - 65mm Freestyle wheels such as Orangatang Fat Free.