Switch Longboards Meerkat Totem 42.9"

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Push the limits of whats possible in freestyle longboarding

Introducing the Meerkat Caligraffiti freestyle longboard – designed for riders who demand the best in performance and style. With its 360 PU sidewalls, lightweight ash and poplar core, waterproof and scratch-resistant construction, this deck offers unbeatable protection and durability.

We made four wheelbase options so you can adjust it precisely to your preference.

Extra poppy kicktails, deep concave and stiff flex for maximum control and responsiveness.


– Carbonfiber layer
– 360 PU sidewalls protection
– Lightweight ash & poplar core
– Waterproof
– Scratch resistant
– Extra poppy kicktails
– 4 wheelbase options

Lenght: 109cm / 42.9”
Width: 23.6cm / 9.29”
Wheelbase: 63-70cm / 24.8-27.5”
Weight: 2kg
Concave: deeper
Profile: delicate rocker
Stiffnes: 9/10


The Meerkat deck is the ideal freestyle board for riders who want to stay open to other riding styles such as dancing or freeride. The board’s long, wide, and agile kicktails are designed to execute tricks with more height and precision. The concave and delicate rocker ensure a secure footing, and when combined with a stiffness rating of 9/10, it provides a stable stance during trick execution or stand-up slides. The board offers four wheelbase options, allowing riders to fine-tune their setup for optimal performance. Additionally, the spacious platform provides enough room for practicing dance steps. All this combined makes Meerkat a Solid Quiver Killer


The graphic design created by the talented artist @lilicustom_ , with a 3D pattern matching the overall vibe and bringing focus to the boards center. The 360 PU sidewalls come in one of the graphic colors, adding a touch of visual harmony. It’s the ultimate balance of form and function, making this board a true work of art.