Switch Longboards Otter v2 Deck 46"

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Introducing the new Otter v2 Dancing Longboard Deck – deck in which innovation meets style and performance. With an ultralight and waterproof construction, along with a symmetrical shape and poppy kicktails, this deck is the perfect blend of durability and responsiveness. Elevate your riding experience with Otter v2 Dancing Longboard Deck.


Designed with a Light Ash and Poplar core, vertically laminated for unmatched durability, this deck is your ticket to long-lasting adventures. Reinforced with fiberglass and 360° Polyurethane sidewalls, It’s not just ultralight but also incredibly robust. The deep wheel wells and top-mount truck mounting ensure a stable ride with direct board response, while the waterproof feature keeps you ready for any weather.


The Otter v2 Longboard Deck come with a shape and profile made for dancing and freestyle. While the medium concave provides just the right amount of control and comfort. The flat profile offers stability at higher speeds, making it an ideal choice for both cruising and carving. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, the Otter v2’s versatile design ensures a ride tailored to your unique style.


- Ultralight construction
- 360° PU sidewalls
- Fully waterproof
- Poppy kicktails
- Symetrical shape
- Deep wheel wells
- Three wheelbase options
- Laser cut griptape
- Graphic under Anti-Scratch layer
- Grab rails
- Max user weight 120kg (Flex 1)


  • Symmetrical shape complemented by top-mount truck mounting
  • Ample platform for unrivaled comfort, accommodating all shoe sizes
  • Innovative Ultralight core construction
  • Fully waterproof
  • Expansive wheel wells ensuring elevated wheel clearance
  • 360° Polyurethane edges protection for longer deck lifespan
  • Elevated kicktail design for explosive pop
  • Medium concave fostering exceptional board feel
  • Option of 1 (medium) & 2 (Soft) Flex for enhanced energy return while carving
  • Tailored for Longboard Dancing and Freestyle enthusiasts
  • Graphic safe under Anti-Scratch layer
  • Grab rails to make all those grab tricks easier.
  • Max user weight: 120kg (Flex 1)
  • Crafted by hand in Poland, Europe


Lenght: 116cm / 45.67”
24.2 cm / 9.76”
Tail width: 171 mm
71.6 - 76.6 cm / 28.2 - 30.1”
Flex: Flex 1: 50-120 kg | Flex 2: 30-75 kg
Stiffness: Flex 1: 5/10 | Flex 2: 4/10