Zenit BB LDP Deck

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Long Distance Pumping / Pushing longboard deck. The BB is a compact and high-performance bracket board. The idea behind the BB was to create an evolution of the AB and AZ boards to maximize performance and customization options. The brackets allow for a lower setup to the ground and asymmetrical truck angles for improved maneuverability in the front and better control in the rear, which are crucial for long distances and pumping.

Length: 23.2" / 58.9 cm
Width: 9.2" / 23.4 cm
Wheelbase: 15 - 17.2" / 38.1 - 43.7 cm

Weight (Board Only): 2,8 lbs / 1,3 kg

Stiffness: 7.5/10

Long Distance (LDP): 10/10
Cruise: 8/10

The design was carefully thought out and tested to maximize the raised nose size, creating an integrated footstop while avoiding potential wheelbites. The slightly more prominent rear tail ensures proper foot placement and prevents wheel interference.

The asymmetric shape of the platform provides a comfortable width at the front and easier grip on the heels and toes at the rear for better control during turns.

The flush mount attachment lowers the board by 0.25 inches to the ground, reducing potential vibrations caused by carbon fiber and glass.

The five rear wheelbase options accommodate any type of bracket and allow for personalized flex customization according to the rider's preferences.

It features the same comfortable and proven concave as the AB and AZ boards, ensuring excellent control over long distances.

Quality Over Quantity

Lightweight, responsive, and comfortable.

The goal was to have a board that is rigid enough to minimize energy loss during pushing but also flexible enough to absorb road imperfections. The choice of materials was optimized to create a lightweight and durable board. The 45-degree carbon fiber maximizes the transfer of lateral energy from pumping to the wheels.