Zenit Longboards Surf Skate 76

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The 76 is made for riders looking to cruise around town and add some spice to their ride. A super mellow radial concave makes the board comfortable enough for you to ride all day, and its nimble tail means you can get over whatever wire or hose you have to pop over while riding without getting off the board.

Length: 30.76" / 78 cm
Width: 9.76" / 24.8cm
Wheelbase: 15.76 - 17.9" / 40 - 45.5 cm

Weight (Board Only): 3 lbs / 1.4 kg

Stiffness: 6/10

Surfskate: 10/10
Cruise: 9/10


Long days surfing the streets and sidewalks are what the 76 was designed to do.

Set fire to whatever pavement you choose to cruise, not to your arches; the wide, flattened concave promotes comfort for those days you just don’t want to stop carving.

There are three different sets of truck holes on the nose so you can dial in the right length for the style of riding you want to be doing: sharp and aggressive turns or wider, flowier moves.


Tuck knee, carve, push, pump. Whatever you feel like doing, the 76 is there to follow your spontaneity.